Are you considering appealing your property tax assessment? Get the True Market Value of Your Home Now!

If the newly assessed value of your property is significantly higher than the current market value, you may have grounds to appeal your calculated Assessed/Market Value. A professional home appraisal can be utilized to help you decide if it makes sense to request an Informal Appeal with the Beaver County Tax Assessment Office. A property appraisal can be used to support an appeal, since it provides an objective opinion on the market value of the property based on its current condition and location.

If you feel that the Final Assessment Value is not in-line with the Current Market Value and that a property appraisal may help you decide if it makes sense for you request an INFORMAL APPEAL with the Beaver County Tax Assessment Office, please be sure to contact us as early as possible since there will be a limited window of opportunity (within 40 days of the NOTICE DATE on the CHANGE OF ASSESSMENT NOTICE) for you to request an appeal. 

NOTE: Any party filing a written appraisal report must provide a FULL SIGNED ORIGINAL WRITTEN REPORT and two (2) copies with the board five (5) days prior to the hearing.

Those who file an appeal will receive a notice to appear within 20 days of their hearing date. During each hearing, owners will have seven minutes to explain why they believe the assessed value of their property isn’t accurate. All appeals will be heard at 294 Massachusetts Ave. in Rochester.

Taxes on the new property values, once finalized, will be levied beginning Jan. 1, 2024, for the 2024 tax year.

How To – County Tax Calculation Estimates (pdf)

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