Notice of Tentative Assessment Change – Beaver County, PA

We understand that the NOTICE OF TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT CHANGE letter provided by Tyler Technologies and Beaver County Board of Assessment may be confusing and hard to comprehend.

First, it is important to understand that the Tentative Property Value listed on the bottom of the letter is also now being called the “Assessed Value”. Since the last county assessment in 1982, Beaver County assigned two property values: a market value and an assessed value. This is no longer the case.

Therefore, the Tentative Value will now be called the Assessed Value. This is the value that the county’s hired reassessment company thinks that your property is worth and the value that you will be taxed on.

While this new process is very confusing, the bottom line is this:

You must decide if the Tentative Value stated in your letter is comparable to the price that you would consider selling your property. 

If you feel that the value is not reasonably close, make an appointment by calling the phone number in the letter for an informal review to go over the data and how they determined your value. Data compiled during the revaluation will be available for inspection at the informal review.

NOTE: You only have 10 days from the date that the NOTICE OF TENTATIVE ASSESSMENT CHANGE was mailed to request an informal review. We have been informed that this appointment is ONLY TO REVIEW THE DATA compiled for reassessment purposes.

If you are interested in ordering an appraisal for your property, please contact our office at (724) 847-3211 as early as possible since we expect a large number of appraisals will be requested. Furthermore, if you disagree with the value provided when you have your appointment, you may want to ask if you can get an appraisal and provide it after the appointment.

Also, you will receive a FINAL ASSESSMENT/MARKET VALUE LETTER which will come out in June/July of 2023 with instructions on how to request an Informal Appeal with the Beaver County Tax Assessment Office.

If you feel that the Final Assessment Value is not in-line with the Current Market Value and that a property appraisal may help you decide if it makes sense for you request an INFORMAL APPREAL with the Beaver County Tax Assessment Office, please be sure to contact us as early as possible since there will be a limited window of opportunity for you to request an appeal.

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